Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mary Buergin Fine Art Originals: So far, so good. Day 2

Mary Buergin Fine Art Originals: So far, so good. Day 2

So far, so good. Day 2

Trying to keep to my commitment to post daily. I am going to start posting paintings that I did on my trip to the southwest & Colorado last August, and also some from Maine. I'm just getting around to taking photos of all these pieces..... hope you enjoy looking at these!

This first piece was done in mid-afternoon.....not the best time to paint in the desert. It was well over a hundred degrees and the light was so intense that in spite of being under an umbrella and wearing a hat, I felt my eyes were actually in pain from the light reflecting up from the sand.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mary Buergin Fine Art Originals: Back at this!

Mary Buergin Fine Art Originals: Back at this!

Back at this!

I just looked at my blog, or what I had intended to be a blog, and realized it was 2008 when I started, and last posted on this! My time does fly when you are running your own business!! I am vowing here and now to resume on a regular basis, and keep this active and filled w/new images. Since I posted last I have taken two trips to the west, and southwest to paint, so I have lots of images and stories to share.

Sorry for the long delay, but let's get this started! I'll be posting new images very soon......
See you back here tomorrow ! Promise!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Value of Art in Difficult Times

It is hard to attend an art show these days without entering into a discussion with other artists or patrons about the effect this economy is having on our lives. Much is being said about how all that is happening on Wall Street is impacting our businesses. But for me, it is in these difficult economic times that the true value of art becomes apparent.

Art is not now, nor has it ever been an "essential item." But we must ask ourselves "what things do we value in our society? What do we choose to surround ourselves with?" It has been said we live in a throw-away society. The amount of goods that we produce that end up in our landfills is staggering! It is in times like these that we should be realizing how much of our income is being spent on things that will be thrown away! But art is not one of those things.

Yes, these are tough times and everyone is tightening their belts. Surely we must, and should ask ourselves, "do we really need more?" and that includes everything from new Mp3 players, uber-phones and wide screen TV's, to new shoes! But art is not a throw-away item. Art, like music has value in our lives. It is something we will enjoy for the rest of our lives and then we will pass it on to the next generation. It captures emotions, beauty and those things that cannot be tarnished by the economy, war or loss. What is captured through art are memories, feelings, beliefs about the world that we want to preserve forever. Art is worth creating, worth studying and worth owning. It brings beauty and a sense of security to our lives and I believe that art buyers know this.

Artists should not be so frightened by these times. We are producing a product who's value will become more and more apparent in the days ahead......... as our society becomes more mindful of not wasting money or resources, art may well replace what has been thought of in the past as an "essential item".
Wishing you all the best, continued success and prosperity.........